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Tree Place

The Story

When a tree falls there is a space that it leaves behind, There is a place where it wood have been, Anne Harris 2015

An Ancient tree fell across a road, it stopped traffic. The tree was cut into pieces and taken for wood chipping. A women saw the place where the tree had been and went to record the story, she followed the trunk to the rubbish dump, where it sat abandoned. The caretaker offered the tree to her, she hesitated, but to say no was admitting the tree was rubbish. Here was an opportunity to turn a tragedy into a new beginning.

And so the idea began to grow, the tree would be used as a teacher to share stories of culture, inspire creativity to build connection, and start a new story of optimism for the future.

Fallen tree
Tree cut down
Tree hugging

The Facts about the original Tree

Species: Eucalyptus tereticornis – Forest Red Gum is a large Tree. This tree was reaching its maximum height of 50mts and was up to 1.8mts in diameter.

The Tree fell on the Noosa Eumundi Road in September 2015.

Situated in the district of Doonan, which is a semi rural area in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, in between the townships of Eumundi and Noosa in Queensland, Australia.

Alexander Pollock, Botanist Plant Identification and Advisory Services from the Brisbane Herbarium estimated the age of the tree between 250 – 1500yrs old.

This tree is on Kabi Kabi land, the tree is called djom’ba (red gum tree) and had bu’mi’mi (fallen/died). The Kabi Kabi people have inhabited and cared for this land for at least the last 60,000 years.

The wood from the original tree is being cared for at Sunspace Café, Noosa Eumundi Road, Doonan, and it will eventually be used by artists in the 2018 exhibition.

The Future

Workshops – Community workshops that engage people with their natural surroundings, cultural history and landscape will be ongoing. Sharing skills to help thoughts become actions, that can easily be incorporated into busy lives. The workshops will be varied, and take simple natural materials, and various techniques including mark making, mapping, journaling, wood carving and poetry, engaging the senses and giving people tools and ideas to help their creativity grow.

Exhibitions – As part of the community workshops, some of the work will appear in local pop-up exhibitions to share the story of Tree Place. Taking an ancient relic and helping its roots and seeds spread with the wind, to far reaching places.

In 2018 the journey comes full circle with a curated exhibition that showcases the journey of Tree Place including some of the work from the community workshops and work from a selected group of artists, that have engaged physically and metaphorically with the Tree. This will, explore craft and process, responses to environment, history, culture and materials.

Online – Join the newsletter to share more of the workshops, exhibitions and tree places that inspire us all to be creatively and consciously connected. The Inspiration and Stories are also shared on facebook and instagram.

Tree Place acknowledges the country, culture and traditional custodians of the land upon which we walk, work and live.

This project is made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia, the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) which is a partnership between the Queensland Government and the Sunshine Coast Council that supports local arts and culutre in regional Queensland and the Cooroora Institute which supports Community and Creative practice to share the songs of the earth. 

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