Pelican Street, Tewantin, Queensland, Australia

7th December 2018 – 27th January 2019

An exhibition drawing together more than 20 predominantly Queensland artists, practicing across a range of media from the traditional to the experimental. This project is the final chapter of an ancient trees journey back into community.

Amanda Cole
Ancient Tree
Angus McDiarmid
Anika Annels
Anne Harris
Bianca Beetson
Bill Dorman
Caitlin Franzmann
Carol Russell
Gary Field
Jandamarra Cadd
Jeff Frazer
Jill Sampson
Joolie Gibbs

Leah Barclay
Lyndon Davis
Melinda Heal
Melissa Stannard
Noosa Pengari Students
Rebecca Ward
Richard Vaughan
Robert Andrew
Ross Annels
Scott Pilkington-Jones
Shane Christensen
Tamsin Kerr
Tim Johnson
Viki Murray

Anne Harris: Leaf Messages. Photo by Sam Frysteen

Rebecca Ward: Bushcraft of the Apocalypse. Photo by Sam Frysteen

Annika Annels: Pit Fired Cups. Photo by Sam Frysteen

Melissa Stannard: River Bones. Photo by Sam Frysteen

Artist Talks 

Saturday 8th 10am Session: Rebecca Ward, Robert Andrews & Jill Sampson

Saturday 8th 12pm Session: Melinda Heal, Melissa Stannard and Anne Harris

Workshops at Noosa Regional Gallery, Pelican Street Tewantin

Bookings are essential for all workshops: (07) 5329 6145

11th Jan Friday – Anne Harris Sensory Landscape (Teen 13years+)
Using Natural Processes, explore how we can respond and document landscape

10th Jan Thursday – Rebecca Ward  Bushcraft Jewellery of the Apocalypse (Adult)
Participants will create necklaces from sticks, natural materials and found objects.

17th Jan Thursday – Anne Harris Sensory Landscape (Adult)
Using Natural Processes, explore how we can respond and document landscape.

19th Jan Saturday – Caitlin Frazmann & Dhana Merritt Mutual Making
Join Caitlin on the gallery lawn for communal divination readings. The readings will be accompanied by a healing seed tea and snack prepared by Dhana.

Bookings are essential for all workshops. Please contact Noosa Regional Gallery

(07) 5329 6145

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Jill Sampson: The Disappearing.

Bianca Beetson: Warrior Women shape shifter.