What forces are at work in planting the seed…

Is it pure chance or is there something else at work to ensure the survival of a rainforest or woodland giant? Which seed will germinate & grow to continue the life cycle of the mother tree?

It must settle on the ground, surviving a myriad of seed eating birds, insects, animals & fungi. Silently waiting for the miracle of life to begin, there is no guarantee the conditions will be right & the rains will arrive. Then the seed needs to take root & grow micro millimetre at a time until one day it may carry on the magic of regeneration.

I want this sculpture to show the beauty of the timber and to symbolize the pod from where the seed originated and to express the strength of the original tree. The stylised pod is gently cradled by the trunk anchored to the earth by buttress roots and showing “The Chosen One” gently resting on the forest floor.

I have carved this sculpture out of Rose Mahogany which I salvaged from a cattle property that was once a lush subtropical rainforest in the Boonah district. This area was extensively logged for the fragrant timber. The logs would have been originally cut during early settlement of the area. I salvaged the butt and roots of this magnificent rainforest relic in the early 1980’s.

I hope my creation highlights the vulnerability of our forests and ultimately our planet.

Timber Species:
Queensland Rose Mahogany Dysoxylum fraserianum(Salvaged Boonah District)
Queensland Crows Ash Flindersia australis (Salvaged Boonah District)

Finish: Livos Plant Based Oil & Beeswax
facebook: gary field woodcarver sculptor

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