Native Bee Hive “Honey Pot” (Artist Shane Christensen & Lyndon Davis)

Native Bee Hive “Honey Pot” (Artist Shane Christensen & Lyndon Davis)

This native Bee Hive Collaboration between Shane Christensen and local Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi artist Lyndon Davis tells the story of Yurin the Crab.

‘Yurin was a man who didn’t like to share. He did wrong things to people and his favourite food was native honey. Yurin marked all the trees with native bee’s nests so that other families couldn’t touch his trees. Aboriginal people are very spiritual and superstitious and they wished something bad would happen to Yurin – they wished the bee’s would turn on him and one day the bee’s did swarm Yurin and he dug down into the ground to get away from them. His digging made the passage and formed Godwin Beach and Bribie. He dug deeper and deeper and stayed until the bees left. He later emerged as a crab.’ Story told by Lyndon Davis.

Shane combined the sketches depicting the stories from Lyndon and added his own unique version of the sacred spiral that forms part of the native bee’s hives to create this knowledge sharing sculpture. This beehive Is located at Noosa Penagari School, Nyell Road, Doonan.

This hive was made possible through funding from the Eumundi and District Historical Association through ‘Arts and Culture Eumundi’ and a small contribution from the Noosa Pengari Parents and Friends. (Lyndon Davis)




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