Natural Dyeing Collaboration 2017: SevGen

Natural Dyeing Collaboration 2017: SevGen

SevGen is short for Seven Generations which is an Indigenous organisation that represents the way of thinking that says we must consider that our actions and deliberations of today, will affect our people seven generations into the future, whilst drawing on the wisdom of seven generations past. In this collaboration, Anne Harris and Jenai Hooke shared their knowledge of natural dyes and in a cultural exchange of listening and learning, worked together to record the stories of place from an indigenous perspective. The artists at SevGen each produced an artwork sharing their contemporary stories.

The Collaboration too place at Deadly Espresso, which is a SevGen initiative on Memorial Drive in Eumundi. They host functions and provide catering, have a coffee cart and make delicious food, using native food as a source of nutrition and inspiration.

This work was displayed as part of the Wand’in’in 2017 exhibition.

Artists: Amma Reed, Billy Joe Chambers, Kelly Mullaley and Terri Waller.

The project was generously supported by the Sunshine Coast 50th Anniversary.


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