Tree Place – Workshops 2016

Tree Place – Workshops 2016

Tree Place – Workshops 2016
Mark Making and Mapping with Natural Materials
Noosa Pengari Steiner School, Noosa District Landcare and Noosa Regional Gallery

The senior school students at Noosa Pengari High School were the first to feel what it is to investigate a sensory landscape. Using the components of the tree as inspiration leaves, wood, bark and dust the students created marks and recorded the visual story of a tree. They experimented with sticks, feathers and other natural found objects as tools to make marks, with natural ink that is made from the wood of the tree itself.

The second workshop brought together a range of people from around the coast to experiment and learn about place. People were lead through a series of explorations of mark making, and working in the beautiful gardens of Noosa District Landcare, experimented with different ideas about mapping, sensory experiences (including tasting foraged food) and ways to respond, record and connect to their natural surroundings.

In the Third series of workshops, all ages from 7 to 90 were engaged in a similar process, this time along the Noosa River. We were lucky to have the Wild Flower Exhibition as our backdrop at the Noosa Regional Gallery. And the Tewantin Park and adjoining RSL Memorial park hold a lot of history, and this was added to the into the workshops. Learning about culture and history to connect to the current landscape is a very meaningful way to create connection and belonging. Included in this was the first pop-up exhibition.

The workshops in various formats will be ongoing and can also be tailored to suit your own communities needs. Contact

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