Tree-telling, 2016-2017, one-on-one card readings, including a table, two stools, 7 hand-painted divination cards & 7 sonic works.

Presented with Liquid Architecture at MPavilion, Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne.

Tree-telling is a site-specific work that was commissioned by Liquid Architecture for MPavilion in Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne, in 2016 and 2017. In Tree-telling, Franzmann deploys hand-crafted divination cards as the trigger for experimental one-on-one encounters between the artist and individual participants. The work comprises seven divination cards, paired with seven sound compositions, each corresponding to a tree in the Queen Victoria Gardens surrounding the MPavilion: Canary Island Palm, River Red Gum, London Plane, Algerian Oak, Jacaranda, Atlas Cedar and Lilly Pilly. Selecting a card from the deck, visitors embarked on a journey that proceeded from divination reading, to a shared walk from MPavilion to their chosen tree and back, to experimental listening session.

More details of for this project can be viewed at the links below.

Thanks to Jason Keller for video and Keelan O’Hehir for the photographs.

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